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10 Design Elements To Increase Customer Responses On Your Site

Posted on Mon, 17 March 2014 by

Your business website takes a leading role in your Web Marketing Strategy because it is firstly where you drive online prospects and secondly where you want to generate sales or leads.

The better your website is able to generate a response from visitors, the better it will perform to get you customers and increase profits. Don’t lose money on a website that is poorly designed to convert and generate responses.

We make use of many different design elements to improve the performance of a business website—here are 10 ways you can better your own website:

1. Attention Grabbing Headline* – avoid headlines like “Welcome to Business Name”. Grab your visitor’s attention with something of interest to them like how they will benefit.

2. Phone Number* – place your phone number in clear font at the top of your website, ideally with a simple call-to-action like “Call Us Now”.

3. Quote/Sign-up Form* – add “Get a quote” or “Sign-up” forms to all pages. This is especially important to have on your home, products and services pages. You should minimally get their name, email, phone and relevant job/message details.

4. On-page Contact Form* – in addition to your quote/sign-up form, make a contact form immediately accessible on all your pages so visitors can just enter their name, email and message as needed.

5. Customer Benefits* – avoid describing features of your product or service and instead provide a concise list of benefits that customers will receive from you.

6. Testimonials* – make use of real client testimonials. Include pictures of these clients and/or link to their websites. Let others sing you praises.

7. Success Stories – put together case studies or success stories from past customers that support your business. If possible, target each of your ideal customer profiles.

8. Lead Magnets – entice visitors to provide their details or call in exchange for something they’ll want (e.g., an information brochure, product sample or DVD). This is especially useful to generate leads and effective if mixed with a nurturing process

9. Call to Action* – you need to clearly tell potential customers on your website what action to take. If you don't tell them what action to take, then don't expect them to take it.

10. Web & Sales Copy* – write concisely, use bullet points and headings, and write in a manner that sells a prospect on what you have to offer. Sales copy is a skill and it can be well worth hiring a professional sales writer to go over your content!

* Features marked with an asterisk we have found to be effective on a business home page.

Web Marketing Strategy

The four key areas of our Web Marketing Strategy:

  • Attract Prospects - attracting visitors and ideal customers to your website is crucial to having a successful online strategy.
  • Capture Customers - all businesses should have a website that is designed to encourage responses from potential customers.
  • Nurture Customers - nurturing increases business sales and customers, gives more referrals and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Measure & Improve - measuring enables you to objectively see how your campaign is performing and make informed improvements.
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