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Achieve "Natural" Google Rankings: Are You Popular? (Part 2)

Posted on Mon, 20 January 2014 by

Google tries to rank websites higher in its search results that it believe people will like more . It does this by looking at two important factors: content quality and popularity—if a website is linked to by others then such is a good sign that people liked and thought it relevant.

Links to your website from others (backlinks) are very important to successfully achieving good search rankings. This is why Google encourages website owners to build a natural backlink profile by creating great quality content that people want to link to.

Can You Fake It?

Natural backlinks are very important. Sadly, they are often not enough to get high Google rankings. Afterall thousands, even millions of sites, are successfully faking their popularity by building backlinks.

In response, Google constantly updates their search algorithm to weed out sites with "unnatural" backlinks—backlinks purposefully created with the intent of gaining a high search ranking. Since April 2012, you can now be penalised if Google catches you creating what it deems to be unnatural backlinks. 

Should You Fake It?

Creating backlinks has become a very complicated area. If you value your business brand, then the last thing you want is to be associated with spammy pages that link back to your site. If you value your website, then you obviously don't want it blacklisted in Google.

It is important to understand that no method is fail-safe—it is the nature of the beast. If you decide to get help, just make sure you get someone highly experienced who you trust. 

Warning! Unsolicited SEO Offers

Warning! Many Nigerian-like scams solicit unsuspecting businesses offering to provide high rankings. Be careful not to respond to emails you haven't personally requested.

Do not ever turn to an unsolicited company emailing you. We have tested many well-reviewed cheap SEOs out there to determine the value they really provide.

If you saw the spammy articles published in your name, nuisance spam comments on forums and blog commenting and other "blackhat" techniques—it'd make you feel sick. 

Best case, your website may land on page #1 for a couple of months. Worst-case your business will be found for web spam, get blacklisted by Google and be almost beyond recovery in Google's search. 

Who Can You Trust?

Rest assured, Webporter are constantly at the forefront of research. We also provide maximum protection to your website by controlling all backlinks. So if Google ever penalises your site for "unnatural" backlinks, then they can be quickly turned off.

It is our goal is to get you new customers via the Web, not simply through your website—your business site may only form one part of your Web search strategy afterall. You also receive detailed reports containing objective statistics so you know what is going on. 

Best of all personal recommendations are provided to enhance your Web marketing campaign and attract more potential customers, enquiries and sales. 

Web Marketing Strategy

The four key areas of our Web Marketing Strategy:

  • Attract Prospects - attracting visitors and ideal customers to your website is crucial to having a successful online strategy.
  • Capture Customers - all businesses should have a website that is designed to encourage responses from potential customers.
  • Nurture Customers - nurturing increases business sales and customers, gives more referrals and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Measure & Improve - measuring enables you to objectively see how your campaign is performing and make informed improvements.
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